Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip to Quilt Canada held in Calgary

Arriving at the Victoria Airport very enthuastic and bubbly, full of anticipation and what we were about to see when we arrive. We were all set to leave at 12:50 pm for a really fun time not realizing that snow at this time of year would prevent us from making this quick trip. We looked on the bright side as it was planned in advance for quite some time. We left Victoria at approximately 9:00 pm arriving in Calgary at midnight and yes there was snow everywhere. Cold, windy and my suitcase packed with walking shorts and open sandles. I did grab a heavier jacket as I was leaving the house just in case!!! Needless to say I was glad that I wore slacks when I left Victoria and everyday while in Calgary. Next time I will pack for either/or weather. The quilt show had some very beautiful quilts on display [No photos allowed] so I am unable to show you what was displayed. However, I did take a couple in the area where it was allowed.

This is a Kimono [front and back]. This was a very unique quilted item and I was able to photograph and share it with you, I am sorry that I did not take a photo of the write up indicating who designed it. Here is another unusual quilt [a cape and hat].

Some people have all the talent and I am envious of them.
Hopefully I will keep up my Blog more frequently now that I have settled down after the exhausting time away.
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. Have a super day and enjoy.


paulette said...

Wow!! Lucky you! (Even with the snow!!) Too bad there was a section with no cameras!! Were there very many vendors? I almost went to it and then at the last minute decided enough was enough!! Glad you had a good time! Have a wonderful mother's day!!

Micki said...

What gorgeous quilts! It must have been so much fun to see them all!