Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back In Touch

Whow, I have been away for such a long time that I have to learn how to post all over again. Quilting has been put on hold as family committments entered unto the picture and being a mom you drop everything when they call. Here is one of the family committments, my granddaughter graduated from Nelson School of Fine Arts and maybe quilting will enter into her life at a later date. I was so far away I could not get a close up of her.

After the ceremony they had a display at the Museum and that is Susan standing next to some of her work.

On April 23, 2010
Susan with her own design tea pots and the write up as displayed at the museum. Susan will return to Victoria where she will pursue her talents in Ceramic Art & Soy Candles under the name of "My Cloud Creations". Then there was her room mate Katherine Shaw who graduated but majored in jewellery. These girls are so talented.

Katherine has gone back to the East Coast and she will set up Katerine Shaw Jewellery Studio in Toronto where she will market her jewellery. Look for her work at fine jewellery stores.
Next my journey took me to Calgary to Quilt Canada Quilt Show which was held at the Telus Convention Center. More on this at my next post.

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Delores said...

Welcome Home Vicky - check your newsletter for news of our bus trip to the Victoria Quilt Show.