Monday, May 10, 2010

Back at my sewing machine

My running around the country has come to an end and the sewing machine beckoned me to get back into the swing of quilting. I have completed a lap quilt which I will be donating to the Ladies' at Uplands Golf Club who each year host a golf tournament with all the funds going to the Jubilee Hospital Cardiac Ward to be raffled the day of the tournament. The binding will be completed in the next day or two.

Next on the Agenda...

I am sure that I will be screaming and pulling my hair out very soon. I am attempting to make a wall hanging, a technique that I have no idea how it will come together. I look at projects other people do and I challenge myself stating that someone has done this project so I should be able to do it as well.

Look at all the little pieces

and they have to go on this

If your phone rings in the middle of the night, don't answer it as it will only be me crying out for help. Even this little fellow running around touching everything in sight will probably seem very mild compared to what I will be doing tackling this project. My great grandson who will be 2 in September. He looks so innocent, but don't take your eye off him for a second as sure enough he will be into something.
Stay tuned for the final results. It may take awhile but I promise to finish this project. Happy Monday, and enjoy the sunshine.


Hettie said...

You are SO brave, tackling a project like this. How about a step-by-step post - mistakes and all. I've never been this brave and would LOVE to see how you go about doing this.

paulette said...

I would like to see the process of doing something like this too!! It is going to be incredible! I also love the heart quilt! Very it a Buggy Barn pattern?
Take care!

Micki said...

The heart quilt is just beautiful, and good luck with that other project...quite an endeavor.