Saturday, July 16, 2011

Venturing Out

Yesterday I decided that I would visit another Quilting Group and my car drove directly to Crofton. Every quilting group that I have visited since being a quilter myself has so much talent and it seems like every group is working on something completely different from the other group. I visited the Crofton Senior Center where several quilters meet from that area. It was bright and cheery [newely painted, new tables, and they were pinning quilts on the wall to brighten the room up] as they recently had some water damage and it is not finished as yet.

Photos of some of the wall hangings that were being put up as I entered.

They had a show and tell and you can see that their projects are all different.

They are really getting ready for xmas. Sure got me beat, as I thought I was so smart by making one pillow case in July and it is the only lonely item in my xmas box.

This was a really old quilt thought to be more than 50 years old and was being repaired as it was worn. Don't know if I did a good job at getting a close up or not as I am not very well versed with my camera and would you believe I forgot to get the person's name doing the repair. How very tardy of me. I will go back and get her name and apologize.

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