Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell to a Satelite Member

Last week we bid farewell to one of our Satellite Members.[Loose Threads Group]. We definitely went first class by hosting a High Tea with all the trimmings. Yes, we definitely had to come with all our finery [including hats]. We were not going to let guests of Will and Kate's wedding outdo us. The member who is leaving us for the Mainland was not told to wear a hat

We presented her with her very own hat.
As you can see the hat is very plain, but wait! Each member of our group was asked to bring an item to pin on the hat with a story to go along with the item so that we were not forgotten.

A quiet time as we listen to each story behind the item for the hat.
Here is our Guest of Honor wearing her very own hat.

Close-up of the hat.
And, of course we had a prize for the most original hat...can you guess who the winners were. The turquoise one in the first photo and the Master of Ceremonies standing in the second photo. Farewells are not pleasant times so we thought that we would cheer this one up. Tea party was rated First Class.

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