Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another UFO Finished

I am serious about my UFO's. I am down to just a couple. As I look at these UFO's, the fabrics seem so dull in comparison with all the beautiful new vibrant colors out there. Fabrics are like fashion, they change every season so if you want to be in style you have to finish each project as quickly as possible. Guess they did not know that I was around and I do not work very fast, hence all those UFO's.  Here is the latest one that I completed. I took this class shortly after I started quilting.   It is called Stars Stars and More Stars.

Quilters  have a choice as to which star block they would like in their quilt and that was the purpose behind this project.  OH!, did I forget to mention that this was started in 2002 and finished in 2011!    MY next New Year's resolution will have to be "I promise not to take sooooooo long to complete a quilt project".  Now onto my next.   It is raining outside so I am off to my sewing room to get started on my next UFO. Happy Quilting!

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