Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Quilt Show

Don't know if any of you attended the Nanaimo Quilt Show. It was the best quilt show I have seen in a long time. The quilts were all so beautifully done. They are all artists and we just have to applaud the women who produced these quilts. Well done Nanaimo Quilt Guild.

The quilt below was hand appliqued and hand quilted. Barb won 4 ribbons for her beautiful quilt. Barb's write up about the quilt is above beside her picture. Just zoom in to see what she said about her quilt.

Sorry about not getting the whole quilt into this picture.
These next 4 quilts really depict the area we live in.

I just love the vibrancy of this next quilt. The flowers are so life like.
All the quilts were just beautiful it was hard to find just one winner. Do you remember the one quilt [wall hanging] that I said did nothing for me but I finished it anyway. It was called New Fangled. Well here is what one of the other people in the class did with her New Fangled. She has made me want to hide mine. It is just beautiful. Her fabric choices just make the wall hanging a real treasure.

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paulette said...

Hi Vicky!
I didn't get to go so thanks for sharing!! Looks like a missed some gorgeous were the vendors...were there lots?
Take care!