Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Did It!

I never thought that I would finish this project after seeing all the little pieces that I had to cut out and assemble to make Tony the Tiger come alive. Here he is all finished and ready to be hung somewhere [where?] is to be decided at a later date.
Here is a bit of a close up

My fingers are sore after all this stitching so I will stop for a bit and concentrate on making some community quilts.
A group called Victoria's Quilts Canada, Comforting people with cancer have asked if we as individuals can help. "Their mission is to provide hand-made quilts to people with cancer. These quilts provide physical comfort as well as spiritual comfort in knowing that the Lord is with them in their struggle". The quilts are a gift. No cost is ever passed on to the quilt recipient or to the person who requests the quilt. So I will do my part, take some time off and make a few quilts to help. 
Before I sign off, I wanted to show off another tiger in our lives...

Do you think he looks like an Umpire? That is Jaedon, my great grandson who will be 2 in September and like a tiger you have to watch his every move at every second.


paulette said...

Little Jaedon is adorable and looks more like the kind of tiger that you cuddle with!!
Your tiger quilt is stunning!! He looks like a picture- sheer perfection!! You must be so proud of yourself!! Now rest those fingers!!
Take care!

Delores said...

WOW, Vicky, the tiger looks awesome! I hope you are entering him in the Tiger Challenge. The picnic get together at Gloria's is on Aug. 16th, where they will be displayed. Hope to see you.