Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slowly Returning to Normal

I have had the good fortune to attend the craft and sewing show in Puyallup, Wash. on Feb. 25 & 26. This was my first trip there along with 5 other dedicated quilters. We rented a house for 6 and I want to share the beautiful bedroom that was mine for 3 days. Notice the old quilt at the foot of the bed.
I used to be a high jumper in my earlier years but this was just a bit too challenging so had to get some help!

Notice where the top of the chair comes to! Yes it was a help and the comfort of the bed was like sleeping on a cloud.
There were old quilts on each bed and around the house. I did not want to take photos of the quilts as I did not get the owners permission. Our weather has been just beautiful and sunny, you just had to leave your sewing room to fend for itself and take in the fresh air outside. Have a wonderful Saturday.

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