Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home After A Much Needed Rest

It's back to reality. As I looked into my sewing room I noticed that no-one visited while I was away to complete any of my UFO's. How sad for me. Well I did finish one as it only had the binding to complete. The wall hanging at the top of my Blog. That was a class that I took in April, 2009. Collage Curves by Instructor Lorraine Torrence. The pattern is original.
My holiday started here:

These two beautiful people were responsible for taking me away from my sewing room.
Next, I was on a mission of finding a fabric shop in San Jose del Cabo. I wanted to see if quilting was something that was done in Mexico. While I was getting directions from the locals and sent everywhichway, I came to an old church that was over 200 years old, cleaned to look new.

After 4 hours of walking I gave up.
The next day I was off to a quaint and rustic town of Todos Santo . It turly is a magical town, home to the famous "Hotel California". Once again looking for fabric. That was not to be but I did visit a primitive museum and found a couple of quilts. There was no one around to get any details from, and the people that were around did not speak English.
Next was the bedroom

How naive of me. After spending all this time looking for a fabric shop I was told that I should have asked directions to a Material Shop. I won't beat myself up about it. Now I did make friends with two lovely ladies who arrived at the same resort from White Rock, BC.

I did have a good time and also well rested so that I can now tackle my UFO's.


Delores said...

Glad you had a good holiday, Vicky. We just returned from two weeks on Kauai and I, too, am ready to get quilting. Bought some fabric and a nice book and am going to try some traditional Hawaiian quilting.

See you Monday?

paulette said...

Hi Vicky!!
So happy that you managed to get out of the rain and into some sunshine. I see Delores also had some sun!! It's too bad you didn't find some quilting shops as fabric is half the price!! Under my bed is getting VERY full!!
Your new header is incredible!! Well done!