Friday, December 11, 2009

The Rose

Earlier I mentioned that we had an instructor at our Satelite Group and that I would post the finished product. Well here is only one of them. I think the other members who took this course have put their projects on the back burner for now.
Here is one completed project. This one was done by Fran.

We have another gifted person in our midst. She not only quilts, but also is an artist, and a doll maker. Here is her latest doll. I believe she has made this as a gift. Look at all the details that go into doll making.

This is a closer look at the doll.

Now, wouldn't you just love to be as fashionable as her. Those legs are to die for. The latest in hose.

That hairdo is also of the latest fashion. I am going to let my hair grow long so that I could copy her hair style. Maybe by next christmas.
This doll was made by Claire. I'm sure she has a name, but I forgot to ask Claire what her name was.

This snowman adorned the walls of the craft room where our satelite group meets.

Another wall handing that adorned the walls of our craft room. This is a panel [flannel] and the colors just jump right out at you. Both the snowman and this panel were done by Karen.

Now just let me take a moment as it's that time of the year once again when we realize the wonderment of Christmas will soon be with us. A time of appreciation for the many things we do have, a great big thank you for all the people who have a quilting blog from which I derive so much from each and everyone of you. A thank you to a special person who was responsible for me trying my hand at this wonderful way of communicating with others in the quilting world. Thank you Paulette [and your husband for his expertise]. From my quilting studio to yours, best wishes for the Holiday Season, and the New Year. May all your projects be complete before December 25th. Happy Quilting.

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paulette said...

You are very welcome, Vicky! I love the little rose quilt! I can't wait to see the other finished works!! The dolls are gorgeous -that is an art all on it's own! I'm so glad you like blogging! It is so much fun and you get to meet with other quilters from all over the world!
Take care! Have a wonderful Christmas!