Saturday, December 5, 2009

Biggest and Best Sale in the Barn


Today was like an I Spy adventure. My first trip was to the Biggest and Best Sale in the Barn. Items were going out by the carloads so I suppose I missed a good deal of the items. But, there was a Fabulous Rabbit collection [60+ pieces] Have them placed around your yard and maybe the other ones will go away and leave your spring flower bulbs in the ground where you planted them.

I was just a little late to get the best bird house, but did manage to get a small one. I just love bird houses.

This pram [antique wicker] had to be the highlight of the sale. I cannot tell you the age of the pram, but this pram was used for twins and all I can say is that it is 50+ a real collection for the right person. I don't know if it got sold or not but if you have an interest in this item, just comment and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The jewellery was exquisite. These were all handmade by the daughter and she would gladly make one especially for you.

This Rooster was the owner's personal rooster [professionally stuffed]. Isn't he just the best looking rooster you have seen in a long time. He would be at home either on your porch or in your home. He may be gone but you can ask!

The items were endless, florals, greenery, vases, massage chair pad, high chair, dolls, doll crib Oh so much more. The motto there was "IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING, JUST ASK, WE PROBABLY HAVE IT! .

On to the next; Shawnigan Lake Community Center, Craft Fair. Now I know that it is over but one of the tables there was raising funds for our Local Hospice. There were CD's for sale featuring local artists, from the Cowichan Valley singing your favorite christmas carols, A continuous ribbon collecting toonies to help defray the mortgage on their building, and this beautiful crystal bracelet.

This bracelet symbolizes a circle of hope. A beautiful stocking stuffer for your daughter, sister, mother, etc. These are only $10.00. Please wear one and show your support. Let me know if you are interested and I will definitely make sure that you get one.
Happy Holidays to all

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paulette said...

Hi vicky!
How did I miss this sale?? I have stopped checking the paper for garage sales...serves me right! Is the sale still on tomorrow?
Did you buy a bunny?
Thanks for sharing...;o(