Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look at what I got. Of course, I sort of claimed this gift from one of the other guests. We were allowed to do that.

These are the most beautiful party picks I have seen. I will treasure them always.
Remember the scarf on the table, well the hostess Barb had door prizes for her guests. You guessed it, Barb knitted a scarf for each of us.

Here is a picture of my scarf all curled up and cozy.

Oh, this beautifully decorated house is for sale. Here is a secret [Barb has reduced the price of the house for christmas week only]. Jan 01, the price goes up. Take a tour of this house, you will be so impressed. This may be just the house you have been looking for and it is available immediately. Leave a message on my blog and I will make sure that Barb calls you back without hesitation.

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