Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Swap

Today I went to a Cookie Swap. It was such an exciting event. I haven't done this since my children were little. This cookie swap was keeping up with old traditions. As I arrive at the house, I could not resist taking some pictures of the beautiful christmas decorations. Approaching the outside entrance and the inside, you sure knew that Christmas was near.

Now I am heading down the hallway towards the table with all the goodies. You know the ones that do not have any calories.

Notice the knitted scarf nestled among the cookies and the center table decorations [more on that later].

All the platters looked so scrumptions and look at what one person did, I could not believe that they were cookies.

We enjoyed the company of friends with a glass of cheer and a taste of the goodies. Take a look at the necklace of one of the guests. Yes, it was a string of xmas lights and they were lit. As you can see we were all awaiting the moment of the present swap. We could go and pick a gift when our number was called. The gifts were all so beautifully wrapped.

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