Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yes, I Have Been Busy

Today being a Leap Year Day has brought us wind, rain, bits of snow I am sure just to remind us that we have to endure this only once every 4 years and leading into March with great force [like a lion] and then a beautiful Spring & Summer to follow. I have added these 2 quilts [Quilts for Cancer Patients]
This quilt was made up of fabric as a result of expermental pcs that had been hand painted, dyed, shaving cream painting.
This project is a pattern by Barbara Schapel. I tried to get into a class with Barbara but was unsuccessful as classes filled up so fast so I purchased one of her easiest patterns I thought. For Barbara it was easy, for me it was a challenge. First, collect the fabric
Assemble 37 pcs.
Pce and Quilt
Quilted. I am following Free Motion Quilting instructions on Line and hope to improve.

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Vicki said...

I love your Barbara Shapel piece. You've done an amazing job. Great colour choices and great quilting. That hint of sparkle in your thread choice really adds to it.