Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visited German Christmas Markets

It's been awhile since I last posted but I would like to share with you some photos from Germany. This is my first visit to Germany and I was very impressed with their culture, buildings, the beauty of it all. I am sorry to say that I did not come across a Quilt Shop which is what we all look for when visiting a new city/country. Others have found them, but we were restricted in our freedom as we were on "tour" as they say. Our group consisted of 40 people and they arrived from South Africa, Australia, California, Texas, Florida, San Francisco, Minneappolis, Ontario and British Columbia. We all met at the Hilton Hotel in Berlin and started our tour from there. This is the mall in Berlin
War Memorial Park in Berlin
German Markets - what really amazed me was the fact that everyone ate outside in the cold. Reminded me of being out in the country on a sleigh ride and stopping for mulled wine to warm up.
Asking Santa for a special gift
Seal it with a kiss. Painting on the wall after it came down. Parts were left for the artists.
Catholic Church in Berlin. The Choir was singing xmas carols and the church was filled with tourists. Notice the lovely stain glass windows.
Largest advent calendar in Leipzig Germany
Crowds at the Xmas Market in Neurenborg - barley able to see anything. Not for me.
Munich - notice the live christmas trees outside of the businesses
Window decorations, all live plants. No artificial decorations here.
Window scene decoration - live trees - teddy bears christmas
All trees for sale set up in old tires/rims for outside decorations.
Next 2 pics are of St. Cajetan's Theatine Church [Catholic] in Munich. Notice the carvings throughout the church Awsome.
And this last picture. Travelling United Airlines. I called the steward over and asked him if this was a safety feature - his answer - if in a crisis situation the person will find the flotation life jacket. I could not believe his answer. So if you are travelling, please check and verify what the stewardess is announcing to the passengers "About Safety Features on the Airline". I was so glad that we landed safely.
Happy Holidays to All

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What a great idea for the outdoor Christmas trees