Friday, October 21, 2011

Back at my Blog for a bit

Guess the Internet also goes on Strike! Mine must have settled as it is back. I did have a hard time trying to get it back to work. I have completed my third quilt for "Victoria's Quilts" which in turn are donated to Cancer patients. And, after finishing that quilt, I have once again taken a Free Motion Quilting Class. #4 and you would think that I would be a pro by this time, but my brain and my hands don't seem to want to communicate with each other. But, guess what! I have almost mastered free motion quilting feathers. The class was led by the very famous quilter Coreen Zerr and was held in Chemainus and was organized by Avril Valentine. There were 15 quilters taking the class and every of them have taken this class before so I don't really feel bad about my slow learning.

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