Monday, July 11, 2011

OMG! Not Another Hobby - GS

I didn't think that I would ever go to a Garage Sale but I was wrong. This one was a special one. I was half an hour late and missed out on some of the better deals but there was a lot for everyone there. I was approached by a person there stating that she was a quilter and could I tell her what she was missing as a quilter as she had never seen so much fabric in a one person's stash. Was this a normal stash for all quilters. I did not want to discourage her from adding to her stash.
I have started making quilts for cancer patients so I was looking for anything that would help speed up my efforts. Let me show you what caught my fancy.
This pattern is called
Summer Garden. Designed by Stitches Quilt Shop.

Here is the fabric to make the project. This kit is new for a grand total of $4.

Next was the ruler gripper, thread holder minus the thread and 3 meters of stabilazer. Cost $1.00

Here are 26 finished squares and fabric cut for 30 more squares. These squares are paper pieced, but does not include a pattern for the complete quilt so I will just have to use my imagination.

Here we have 35 finished squares, this will make a top with a little bit of help - again no pattern.

Next we have 7 finished squares with cut fabric for 33 more squares. This was a paper pieced project and again no specific pattern included. All these blocks with extra fabric was a grand total of $12.

This was a complete kit - Moda Fabrics - Garden Inspirations by Kansas Trouble Quilters

I don't think that I will follow the pattern, I will choose something else to use up these beautiful fabric pieces. Blew my budget on this one $40.

This is a pillow case kit which I will make for my great granddaughter for a xmas gift - cost $4.

You can never have enough yellow in your stash $1.
This is a whole quilt top in 3 pieces. I struck pay dirt here as this is what I went to the GS for and it was only $12. How the other stuff got into my bin before check out time I just don't know. No more GS for me for awhile. Now all I have to do is sit down and get busy. Have a super quilting Monday and if you don't have anything to work on head on over to my place - I can dream up something for you.


Barbara said... sure hit the jackpot! Did you go to the same garage sale as Paulette? She came home with quite the haul this weekend also! Have fun with all your awesome finds. Wish I could find a quilters garage sale someday!

paulette said...

Hi Vicky!
SCORE!! Lovely finds and they are all NEW to me!! Didn't see any of that stuff!! Lovely fabric and started quilts! Janet was a quilter extraordinaire for sure!! What a stash!! thanks for sharing!
Glad you have a new hobby...haha

Delores said...

Awesome finds Vicky! Especially the Gripper for $1.00 - they are $30 new!! Guess I missed a good one - glad you and Paulette and a great time.