Friday, May 6, 2011

Just Busy [not finished]

I haven't got the finished projects but have started and it needs to be finished prior to June 06/11. Wow, someone thinks that I am a genius. But it starts like this "Would you be able to donate a quilt for our fund raiser by ?" and I ask myself "What part of NO do you not understand?"  It doesn't even enter my mind that I am not able to do it, I just say YES and proceed with the challenge. I am always happy when the project is finished and I am satisfied with the outcome and I give freely. I always think that I am just so fortunate to be able to do this for someone else.
On to the Weekend. I want to wish each and every mother A Happy and Fun Filled Mothers Day with your families. It will be sunny.

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Micki said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!