Monday, January 17, 2011

Slowly Getting Back to Reality

As I am gingerly looking at all my UFO's which I did not finish in the year 2010 as I had promised, I am silently making a New Year's Resolution, I do not want to speak too loudly as I certainly don't want anyone taking side bets. So for now, I will think of other things to do like posting a photo of the most Spectacular Famous Marina Bay Sands Holel in Singapore. When first I rec'd a photo of this hotel I was certain that they were pulling my leg. Well lo and behold, it is for real. I definitely did not think that I would be able to go to the 57th floor to see for myself as I do not like heights. The elevator took all of about 15 seconds and you were there. As I got out of the elevator I literally tip toed  away from the elevator. My friend said just walk to the edge and I will take a picture of you. NO WAY! I put my hand out backwards and said pretend that I am at the edge and just snap. Here is a picture of this famous hotel.
This was taken from a distance. And the next one was from the roof top.
Yes the following is real.

I was not allowed on the side that the pool was on [the other side of the railing I was holding onto] as only hotel guests were allowed there and were swimming. I was just glad that I did go to see for myself that this was real. My vacation was super and now I will settle down and finish some of my UFO's. Wish me luck as I will need it. I am going to start the week off on the right foot. I will attend our local Guild's meeting in the morning. I have to be with my daughter for a couple of days as she is having some dental work done under sedation. Mom to the rescue. And, after that I am on my way to some serious quilting. Have a Happy Quilting Monday.

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ButtonMad said...

How could I have missed this on my two trips there (one was for 2 months!) Amazing pics - thanks for sharing.