Monday, June 7, 2010

Keeping Busy

Busy volunteering and definitely keeping my mind off quilting. These past 4 days I was busy at the TC Canadian Open Golf Tournament held at the Uplands Golf Course in Victoria, BC. As you approached the Club House it definitely was a buzz with action.

This person on the #8 putting green is the Golf Pro at the golf club that I belong to. No he did not win the tournament but the picture was impressive.

The spectators had not arrived as yet. Edd and Jae teed off at 8:09 am. Next, on the golf course they had some very important guests! The guests did not make any noise as they obeyed all the Quiet Signs

And now we have our winner, Brock Mackenzie of Yakima, Wa. The crowd had dispersed very quickly as it was raining.

Now, I am back with my favorite "Tony the Tiger". I am making progress. As this is a very tedious project, 30 minutes is about all I can take at any one time. Here is an update as to where I am on this project.

Almost all pieces are in place. I will not beat myself for trying something like this, but you can bet that I will think twice before I do so again. Have a super Tuesday and may the sun shine all day.


Hettie said...

Are those white all seperate fabric pieces?

paulette said...

Wow, your tiger is incredible!! How are you going to stitch all the pieces down?