Saturday, January 2, 2010

One UFO of 2009

Trust everyone has made New Year's Resolution and also am sure that everyone is going to stick to them. My list is so long that if I do not fulfil that list it will still look like I kept to my resolutions. But, 2010 is going to be my year to finish all the UFO's in my sewing room.

This was a class that I took November 2008 and just finished prior to year end. The class was taught by Pam Godderess entitled New Fangled. The title is very unusual, but I have vowed to finish all my UFO's as I really want to clear up past projects and get onto the New.

The above picture "Giesha" looks like it is all puckered. The tourquise fabric is brocade which was brought back from Hong Kong in 1958. I had some fabric left over in a drawer and thought is would be the perfect fabric for this project. The lighter color was the reverse side of the fabric. I was disappointed in the final results but the instructor Carolyn Bond thought it fabulous. It is viewed as a reminder that different fabrics produce different results.
Okay, now onto my New Years Resolutions!

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paulette said...

Some lovely UFOs, Vicky! Very nice!! Have a wonderful New Year!

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