Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas has come despite the fact that we seem to think we are never ready, at least in our minds. My family arrived yesterday as Christmas Eve has been a tradition at my house. The kitchen was all a buzz, and Charlie my daughters dog watched on probably wondering what all the fuss was about.

 The food was ready, the table set and my daughter and myself were able to sit for a few minutes patiently waiting for the little ones [my great grand children] to arrive as they were going to play Santa's helpers. Well my great granddaughter Audrey was so excited as she looked under the christmas tree and saw a present which said to Audrey from Santa. She could not believe that Santa got to my place before xmas. She has set her camera up and has timed it as she was going to take a picture of Santa to prove to her parents that Santa would come to their house and that the cookies would be eaten. Here she is telling her dad what she has done.

Audrey was the leader and she had her brother as her helper! Mistake!!!

Now here is a helper who never stopped for a minute. I think that christmas is for the children. Watching them open up their gifts is priceless.

Golly, a musical train. Jaedon dances and claps his hands whenever he hears music. Jaedon is 15 months old and a real handful especially with a telephone in his hands. Audrey is a bit more serious and a little lady now. She is going to be 8 in January.

I haven't talked to her today to see if her camera worked, but I am sure Santa did get to her house.
Now we can all sit back and relax. All thoughts of what you are going to quilt for next christmas going through your head. May you all have a Safe and Healthy New Year.
I am a new blogger, but this short time has been such a pleasure and a learning experience. I so look forward to what the New Year will bring.
Happy Quilting


paulette said...

Your Christmas looked wonderful!! I enjoyed your family pictures and so glad Santa made it to your house too! It is such a lot of work at the time, until after dinner and you get time to think about how wonderful it is to get together under one roof...BUT I'm sure glad it's over for another year!
Now let's get that fabric out!! :0)
Take care!

Nancy said...

Hi Vicki, Your Christmas sounds wonderful for both 'little people' as well as big people. Good luck with the blog in the future too, and all the best for a wonderful quilting 2010!
Take care,
Nancy (Darwin, Australia)

Micki said...

Your Christmas looked just charming and so much fun for you all! Happy New Year!