Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Is Definitely Here

Have taken some time out of my busy schedule to look at the leaves turning color and here are a couple of my back yard. The maple trees are georgeous in color. Then I also took time to read some posts of which I am just in awe reading everyone elses posts, and I have nothing to report. I haven't even been near my sewing machine. Taking some much needed rest, getting ready for an AGM on Tuesday for one of my high paying I am the Treasurer, a Budget is needed.  I never wanted to be an accountant, I only want to do the things that I like, like quilting which is much more rewarding. Oh, I was invited to an Epicure Spice Demonstration this afternoon which was fun. I didn't take any pictures of the table with all the goodies so of course, I indulged. Food sure tastes good when someone else prepares it. Have a super Monday.


paulette said...

Good morning Vicky,
Yesterday when the rain finally stopped did the same thing -hustled outside to take some pictures of fall leaves and ended up in Shawnigan Lake and as you said Fall is definitely here! Just gorgeous!
I tried to become a follower on your home page but when you click on Follower nothing happens (usually it takes you to a page where it ask if you want to follow). You might need to do something to your layout page?? Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your quilting group!

Anonymous said...

Well done Vicky ... Googled loose thread .. dozens of hits .. then loose threads Vicky blog .. and voila .. your blog came up first. To all your blog and quilting buddies ... this gal may be a talented quilter, but she also did a great job as treasurer at tonight's AGM....