Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009

Today was a bleak and dreary day. I have challenged myself to persevere this blog and be as proficient as others. As programs organizer for our Quilt Group, I spent some time showing samples of an upcoming class. Poinsetta Table Runner, Instructor: Denise Gunn.


paulette said...

Hi again Vicky!
I saw this runner hanging in the Satin Moon about 3 -4 years ago and loved it. So I went home and made three of them. They are fairly fast and easy to make and they are stunning! Just will have to ask the woman who is showing it if she had it on display at the Satin Moon(this was in their old shop so it may be over 4 years ago....?) Your guild will love this runner!

VickyB said...

Yes, Denise Gunn is the instructor and she will be teaching this class to the members of Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilters on October 30th. She also teaches at Satin Moon. They are stunning.